Dependable Colony Elimination for Avoiding Termite Infestation

Honest Pest Control understands that termite infestations cause billions of dollars' worth of property damage each year. Our certified technicians will inspect your property looking for any signs of current or past termite damage. If problems exist, we will create a plan to treat and prevent future occurrences.

Termidor™ Certified

You'll appreciate the extensive knowledge we have gained in becoming Termidor certified professionals. We are very pleased with this product's results in controlling subterranean termite problems in and around our area.We can effectively treat your home to eliminate and prevent future infestations of subterranean termites.

Termite Services

  • Termite inspections
  • Full service termite treatment plans
  • Certified technicians
  • Over 40 years of termite experience
  • Warranty coverage provided w/ initial service
  • Extended warranty available

Termites 101

Household Moisture: All termites require specific environmental conditions to survive, and available moisture source is critical to termites. Termites construct tubes (mud tunnels) that pass over exposed areas, and these tubes serve to conceal the termites and provide a moist environment and protect them from their enemies.

Hidden Evidence: Sometimes an active infestation is obvious and other times may be difficult to spot. You’re more likely to discover you have a termite problem by revealing the evidence they leave behind rather than the actual termites themselves.

Insect Comparison: Swarming termites are often confused with flying or swarmer ants but there are three ways to separate a termite from an ant.

First, termites are broad wasted as opposed to ants that have a very thin waist between the thorax and the abdomen.

Second, termite wings are all the same shape and size, with ants the fore-wings are larger, longer and of different shape than the hind wings.

Third, termite antennae are straight and the ant antennae are elbowed.

Ant and Termite Comparison

ant and termite comparison

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